Welcome to smashcustommusic.net!

We are a non-profit website and community dedicated to modding custom music into video games.
Here you can find tools for converting or patching files,
and pre-made files in BRSTM or other formats to directly mod into your games.

This website is a continuation of smashcustommusic.com which was shut down in August 2019
after operating for almost 10 years. We are not associated with the original team.

We are still adding new features and content,
if you'd like to contribute, please read the account registration page.

You can also join our Telegram group (@smashcustommusic) or contact us by e-mail
with the address in the contact page if you have any questions or just want to say hi.

Our team:

IC: Owner, site management, most of the site code, hosting

Jackall4BDN, Asancu.: Content management, moderation

Rph: Web BRSTM player, recovering the old website, other JavaScript code

FreeApp2014: Some parts of the database and backend code

Special thanks to:

Kenrick95: JavaScript module for decoding BRSTMs

smashultimatetools.com: NUS3AUDIO conversions

The Negative Ion: Super Smash Bros. N64 site theme and other contributions to the website

Original smashcustommusic / BrawlBRSTMs team and other smashcustommusic.com users:
Creating the old website and uploading content before its shutdown

Please remember that this website is meant for modding custom music into your legally bought games.
We do not support piracy, you should buy your video games to support the music creators.